10 Reasons why
you are in job-search purgatory,
and nobody dares to tell you.

Have you asked yourself lately this?  They are 1000s of job adverts for the Czech Republic, then why am I still unemployed?

This plaintive question is one I’m asked a great deal both by email and during interviews. I’d like to give you a few possible and brief reasons you might still be in purgatory unemployment. What the heck! I’ll give you 10 good but brief reasons why you still cannot get a job. There is a possibility you might relate to some, while others will relate to none;  or perhaps you might know someone to whom the list can help out. Let’s get those 10 killer reasons numbered!..

1. You aren’t networking enough.

Many opportunities for entry-level jobs, first jobs or lower qualified jobs are found through networking. If you’re applying through job boards, searching the internet, responding to “want ads” and counting on recruiters, it is probably not enough, as many employers make their hiring focussing on soft skills first and those type of skills are impossible to assess on a paper CV. However, a good personal recommendation of someone who knows you personally is a strong add-on to your paper CV.


2. Your CV sucks big time!

You might not even know it, but your CV sucks. Very often job seekers send their CV’s in response to a job advert but they never get a call, sometimes not even a reply. Often it is based on the CV itself. Most people don’t know but it is actually not easy to make a good CV when you have a limited experience and limited number of technical skills, as a matter of fact, it is VERY difficult and if you agree with me and feel this way you should seek help from a CV doctor, basically a professional who will sit down with you and draft that CV that will get you the calls and interviews you want.


3. You are applying to the wrong jobs.

According to TheLadders research, job seekers spend an average of 49.7 seconds before deciding if the job ad’ matches their interest and skills. And the shocking reality is that corporate recruiters spend no more than 15 seconds, (according to TheLadders only 6) to identify profile good fits at a rate of 38%. The problem is that many first job seekers, junior profiles or applicants with limited work experience do not have sufficient job market knowledge to identify what jobs are suitable for them, and which are not.  It takes time and effort and is not an easy task.


4. You have a poor attitude when you receive a call.

There is nothing that Recruiters hate more than stank attitude. It makes them feel that their call isn’t valued and gives them a clear indication of low motivation levels. If you’re a person who has a poor disposition for this kind of phone calls, we advise you to practice and correct it so you come across as a positive profile in the pre-screening, if you don’t  there’s a strong chance that you will be waiting long time for an interview invitation.



5. You interview poorly.

We have interviewed thousands of people for entry-level jobs throughout the years. While these are, admittedly, lower-level positions for which experience is not necessary but the right level of soft skills, personality, and attitude. We still get surprised and shocked at how poorly people interview sometimes. Chewing gum, not dressing accordingly for the interview, been argumentative, raising the voice, and saying what you will and won’t do at work are normally all interview killers. And top reasons for not been able to land a job.


6. You don’t speak English.

Prague and Brno are locations with a predominantly multilingual job market. If you don’t speak English at least at upper- intermediate level, chances are you’re not going to be competitive enough for those entry-level, no experience required,  lower qualified jobs out there. There is no point in over evaluating yourself in the CV as you will be caught during a phone call or during the interview. We advise to work on improving your English language conversation skills by practicing. There are plenty of opportunities to find someone to practice with.


7. You smoke right before your interviews.

Recently we had an interview and he obviously smoked before he arrived. The effect on me was like if you had sprayed me in the face with mace. This young man was a smoker, probably a heavy smoker and as a gesture to our meeting, he ate a mint right before he walked in. It is advisable not to smoke right before your interview, you might not realize that there is only one thing worse than a strong smell of cigarettes. The stale smell of cigarettes masked with mint.



8. Too many piercings.

To attend interviews with too many piercings could reduce your chances, as this acceptable personal statement sometimes turns off potential hiring managers if they find themselves with the doubt if your personal image could be an issue for the business. Most employers they have an Equality & Diversity Policy into place for the removal of barriers to equal opportunities and to prevent any form of discrimination and as such your freedom of personal statement should be accepted. Always advisable to have a good sense of balance when attending interviews.


9. You’re “shotgun” applying.

There is a common and BIG mistake of applying to a large number of job ads. Even sometimes with 0% of the qualifications or requirements. The rule of thumb is — if you don’t have at least 60% of the requirements called for, don’t apply. Unless you possess one of those highly seek language competencies that makes most employers to turn a blind eye on their requirements. If you do not possess such advantage,  you’re wasting your time and burning your CV by getting it recorded in all those databases for at least one year. Consider stopping the wild goose chase!


10.Your social media presence sends the wrong message.

Nothing is as off-putting to a future employer as a juicy Google search. If your future employer decides to check out your online presence and comes across pictures of hard partying, constant job changing, bad comments and wrong attitude or anything that seems unprofessional or risky for an employers’ image, you’ll be nixed as a potential candidate. Follow our website tips and advice in terms of personal branding and you will have one less thing to worry about, before and after attending interviews.



This post was written by Eva Andreskova, Prague Branch Operations Manager.

Eva joined the Group in 2013 as a Recruitment Consultant and has been successfully working her way up to her current position. Becoming responsible for the entire branch business operations in Prague and extending her responsibilities outside the Czech Republic. Working closely with managers at all levels in the clients’ portfolio ensuring recruitment quality delivery and client satisfaction is always to the highest standards.

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