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We are curators of talent who don’t leave things to chance

We prefer to be plain and straightforward with you. If you are looking for a traditional Recruitment Agency with traditional Recruitment Consultants, that is not us.

To put it simply, we are no fans of invisible walls between people, false etiquette or half-truths when it comes to working together with our candidates. Quite frankly careers and opportunities do mean too much for having to cut through all that noise before we get to know each other well.

When you choose us, you don’t get only an agency and a team of consultants with extraordinary experience and passion. With us, you get “the whole kit and caboodle”. You get honest and transparent relationships, you get the market knowledge and the quality consulting, you get the honest advice, you get the quality in the process and a career partner for as long as you want. You get all that for free, we get paid by our corporate clients when you succeed in getting that job you have chosen and you are happily employed. If you do not win, we do not win. Period!

Having left that clear, we are hoping to be your long-term career partner. We want to provide you with insights and information to help you when you need it. Whatever that might be, we will be constantly aiming to have it available to you through our website or our sister companies websites. One of our goals and responsibilities is to provide you with full support, well beyond your on-boarding day in your new job.

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CV Writing Tips

Your CV is the first and most important tool to ensure that you get the interview you are aiming for.

Linked In Tips

To help you make the most of that pivotal advantage, we have been holding LinkedIn workshops since 2010.

Interview Advice

Be like a duck: appear unruffled above the surface and below the surface paddle like hell!

Assessment Days

Assessment Days are becoming more common in the world of talent attraction and selection for many reasons.

Top Tip's Assessment Days

From our professional perspective we recommend that you listen twice as much as you speak.

Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand? It’s not as extravagant as you might think.

Psychometric Assessment

Nothing sways opinions during the selection process quite like the use of psychometric testing.

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