Some organizations now days operate with a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) when it comes to fill their recruitment needs.

Other companies trust one recruitment provider to work with them either retained or exclusively on
the majority of vacancies. The two alternatives do ensure that costs and service levels are transparent. But the most important is that saves you, your colleagues or team with having to field the traditional cold calls from recruitment agencies seeking new business.

If any of this paints an accurate picture of your organization and the way you preferred operating, than you are the type of business we would love to build a relationship with. As we truly value people and organisations that take recruitment as serious as it should be and invest the time to develop strong relationship with their suppliers.

And you will probably agree that your recruitment partner will not be able to fill 100% of your positions 100% of the time, so why not allow us to offer you a comparison to the service levels you are normally used to, and help you benchmark the value for money you are getting.

We are confident that there is serious benefit to your organization in trying us, and comparing us to the current suppliers you have. Do not take us wrong! we are not looking to replace the relationships you have
We know that there is a massive benefit to your business in trying us out, in comparing us to your current recruitment suppliers. We’re not looking to replace your existing relationships, that will be for you to decide when the time comes.

We would like to pose one single question- is your current supplier offering you the same client value proposition we offer at no extra cost to our standard business terms? If after you read our key differentiating client value proposition your answer is “NO” then why not filing our PSL COMPARISON form and put us to test?

Key Differentiating Client Value Proposition

  • Star Candidates other agencies won’t have.
  • A recruitment profiling tool that provides our clients have a truly holistic review of the candidates presented for the position.
  • Benefiting of our excellent research team.
  • We headhunt on your behalf using the best strategies and tools to source hard to find candidates and candidates not actively looking for a new job, increasing our reach in the market.
  • Dedicated Account Manager/Director, you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact who will look after your recruitment needs on daily basis.
  • Certified Consultants who work with integrity and transparency.
  • A discount on our typical rates.
  • Painless and simplified agreements easy to understand.
  • Free workshops on how to make the most for your business, we’ll even show you how to find talent for free.

Even if your number of positions are currently well taken care of, we would be happy to meet you and start building a relationship.This way when the time you need recruitment support comes, we will already know about each others working culture, and the type of person that will fit better with your hiring managers criteria and organisation.

To request a meeting with one of our Senior Management team members, please click the link below and fill the brief form. We will contact you back to your earliest convenience.


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