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We want to highlight that we don’t claim to be Employer Brand experts, and we probably have a thing or two to learn from top experts in the industry. But we are experienced 360° recruitment experts and we deliver the best talent for any business, making sure their talent-retention marks go from strength to strength.

Given the recruitment battles we have been in over the years and the overwhelming demand for top candidates, we’ve had to become pretty savvy in advising our clients on the key measures they must implement to make themselves more attractive to all sorts of talents.

This boils down to cooperating with our clients to help improve certain aspects of their Employer Brand.

You could find well over 25,000,000 hits if you decide to Google “Employer Brand”. That number will continue to grow exponentially because it’s a hot topic for every reputable organization. It’s not only about the pillars of recruitment, including talent acquisition, talent engagement and retention. We also believe that your organization should implement the following principles:

  • Think about ways to “promote” or “sell” your company in every single job  advertisement you post
  • Dedicate time to working and improving your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and promoting your EVP across all relevant channels
  • Monitor whether your Line Managers and Hiring Managers have professional online profiles.

If they don’t, consider conducting a workshop to explain the importance of maintaining internet profiles that represent the company in the most positive and effective ways, starting with:

A. Consistent photos

B. Consistent use of multimedia across management

C. Correct marketing of the business by promoting its values, culture and teams

D. Making sure your Head of Department, Line Manager and Hiring Managers are all “On Brand,” meaning they speak positively about the company and organization, and they have a solid and appealing digital footprint that will make a candidate take notice and want to work with them immediately.

Business leaders all agree that Employer Brand plays an incredibly significant role in attracting top talent. So it’s important that each member of your team puts their best face forward for the company.

For how to start and make that goal less overwhelming, we provide a “Talent Enhancement Workshop”  for our clients to better understand ways on how individual professional profiles can be improved. To register click the link below and complete the brief form below.


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