Tips to create a line manager profile

During our years in business, we have provided a wide range of workshops to more than 500 professionals from businesses of all sizes

And with the experience gained through their feedbacks we are able to say with conviction that an incredibly high percentage of Hiring Managers have not thought about the great importance of their professional profile internet footprint and what it says or in its defect doesn’t say and the impact on t candidates that are evaluating the opportunity or the offer.

Generally HR and in-house Recruitment teams understand why this is important. But Line Managers, the very people that HR and Recruitment work so hard for, don’t always seem to be up to speed. So it’s extremely important that Hiring Managers and Line Managers update their professional profiles with ongoing recruitment needs throughout the year.

Here’s why:

  • Because 4 out of 5 candidates will check you out on every possible online channel
  • Because candidates want to find out how passionate their potential boss is about    working for the company and how they project company culture
  • Because corporations tend to put a lot of effort and money into constantly improving the Employer Brand. So a Hiring Manager or Line Manager who doesn’t invest the necessary effort seriously undermines company strategy

Interviewing processes now generally involve two-way communication. Candidates are making a decision with regards to whom they will work for, the same way that you are deciding which candidate to select. Therefore, your professional profiles should answer the following questions:

  • What made you decide to join the company?
  • What does your department or team do, and why is it important for the   organization?  
  • What do you look for when hiring new members for your team?
  • What are your goals and where are you heading as a member of the organization?

To learn strategies on how to enhance your digital professional profile, please click on the link below and a complete the brief form to enrol in our free workshops. We will contact you within your most convenience time. 


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