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Our team of consultants meets hundreds of candidates of all types throughout the year, in part because candidates deserve the opportunity to present themselves in a relaxed and friendly environment where they can easily be at their best. We also do it to ensure that we save our clients valuable time and money when the time to hire comes.

A thing that goes with the territory is that from time to time there occasions when our clients expectations or demands are involuntarily unrealistic. And we believe that our role as their partners is to courageously communicate it to them. The fact is, we wouldn’t be in business anymore if we made promises we couldn’t keep.

In cases like this, your People Place Account Managers or Directors may decide to talk to you about their Wild Card Candidates.

What is a Wild Card Candidate?

When we are given a job brief or we discuss a vacancy or requirement with our client, People Place Account Managers or Directors will discuss the benefit of including a Wild Card Candidate in the shortlist. That means we add value to the recruitment process by increasing your profile viewing range, something that other recruiters wouldn’t think to do.

What is the benefit of sending me these profiles ?

The main reason is that People Place has made hundreds of placements over the years involving candidates whom the hiring manager would never have considered if we hadn’t presented their profile.

Most people would agree that not all CVs accurately reflect the quality of the candidate. Bearing in mind that over 80% of businesses hire talent based on soft skills and trainability, we know that using People Place’s Wild Cards will give you a secondary talent pool you might not consider otherwise.

If you’re having trouble filling positions, why not give it a try?

You’ve got nothing to lose, as we will of course try to find you the perfect match and also let you know about the strongest Wild Card talents you should consider.

To discuss ways in which we can assist you further in talent attraction, talent hiring or any other way we can support your organization. Please click the link below and complete the brief form. We will contact sooner that you expect at your most convenient time.


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