Psychometric Assessment

Nothing sways opinions during the selection process quite like the use of psychometric testing.

The truth is, people tend to love or hate these tests. But our experience tells us that more companies are learning to love them. What that means to you as a candidate is that it’s increasingly likely that you will be asked to complete some type of psychometric assessment during your interview. It certainly doesn’t hurt to improve your confidence levels by understanding your personality better, as well as what makes you tick and what your “real” strengths and weaknesses are from the assessor’s point of view.

Demonstrating that you really know yourself will show how seriously you take your career and will ultimately enhance your chances of getting the job you want.

We have developed a relationship with Psychometric Testing providers in order to give our candidates the opportunity to learn more about themselves by taking the assessment and then going through the resulting report.

More about Psychometric Testing: It goes without saying that we see ourselves as more than just another recruitment business. We really consider ourselves curators of talents, and our goal is to help you find a job that you love in order to build a rewarding and successful career. Our partnership with our Psychometric Testing providers has been key to our success in several ways. Firstly, your psychometric profile will allow you to gain a deeper knowledge of yourself, your motivations, and your preferred working and learning styles. This way you’ll be better informed to make relevant decisions about your career.

The more you understand yourself the better you’ll be able to judge what motivates you and to understand how others perceive you. Both of these are critical aspects in your career development.

Our data shows that by completing a Psychometric Testing assessment your chances of success at the job interview increase considerably. In addition, your Psychometric profile report will provide you with a list of suggested competency questions you’re likely to cover during the interview. This gives you an opportunity to prepare for a more detailed conversation about you as an individual. And finally, many hiring decisions are normally based on soft skills and behavioral assets rather than technical abilities. Our Psychometric Testing assessment will allow you to demonstrate the specific soft skills you possess during the interview in a much more informed way, thereby improving your performance.

To take a Psychometric Test assessment, please click the button below and fill out the short form.

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