How to create a great Ideal Personality Description / IPD

According to recent research over 80% of businesses hire candidates based more on soft skills than on experience or hard skills.

A shortage of available talent in the market is forcing organizations to get more creative with their hiring strategies, and this has led to the increasing use of Ideal Personality Descriptions (IPD).

Obviously, companies want candidates whose personal values aline with theirs. Trainability and the ability to process information quickly are key, but so are potential, drive and other elements that are specific to each organization. Hence the importance of bringing these assets to life with an IPD. We recommend the following content:

  • The Personality Package: the creative, communicative, organizational or technical skills that you would prefer the ideal candidate to possess. Includes the “must-have,” the “should-have,” and the “advantageous-to-have”
  • The We’ll Train You On: the skills that you will train on the job
  • The Qualifications: specific qualifications or education required for the role, including trade qualifications if necessary
  • The Experience: the level of experience or equivalent roles needed or wanted to meet company or HR policy
  • The Team Culture: the personality that would fit your team and the organization’s ethos. We advise including the below following characteristics, as they will assist us when providing the relevant Psychometric Test Report to match your requirements:

DISPOSITION – The tendency to experience emotions such as anxiety and worry

INTELLECT – The tendency to seek new concepts and embrace innovations

INTERACTIVITY – The tendency to seek busy environments and interaction with others

NURTURANCE – The tendency to be kind, helpful and supportive toward others

REACTIVITY – The tendency to structure work, follow rules and exert caution in tasks

If you would be interested in taking part in our WORKSHOPS to update your skills in drafting a winning IPD or take advantage in any other field, please click on the link below and complete the brief form. We will contact you back very fast.


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