Candidate Sourcing

We  pride  ourselves  on  being  among  the  top recruitment    agencies with international exposure in the country. Retaining the boutique approach while offering unrivalled services and market knowledge.

We  do  everything  traditional  recruitment  agencies   do,  and  we  use  all  the  job boards  that  you’d  expect  us  to. This ensures  that  common  advertising  practices  are covered so “active” job seekers, or “on” the market candidates as we define them, can find us in the blink of an eye.

But  to be honest, that’s   something  any active grandmother  could do. We also have a very strong investment  into  our  market  sourcing methodology in  order  to attract  the  best  possible “passive”  or “non-active”  candidates. Our  research  team  is  extensively  trained  in sourcing techniques and all the up-to-date research tools and are all certified recruiters. Something that not every agency invest in. When those steps are complete, they use their imaginations to come up with new ideas to implement. This allows them to maximize  their network  of  key  contacts and industry-specific  knowledge,  and to create a  personal  recruiter  brand  that captures the  audience.  We  can’t really  tell  you  how  we  fit  all  this  into  our recruitment strategy and 350m2 office, but rest assured we have all what it takes and more to bring talent to us and we would love to share this info with you at a business meeting.

Our research team can be used in many ways, for example:

  • Setting up your own  dedicated section  on  our  new  website  to promote your vacancies, taking advantage of talent and corporate branding. And with our innovative email software we  will market your vacancies to  other candidates who fit your required criteria, but aren’t actively looking for a job.
  • By registering your details  and  requirements  via  our  STAR  CANDIDATE  section,  our  team can provide a talent pipeline of the most sought-after candidates 365 days a year.   So whenever you  have  a vacancy  we  will  be  ready  with  a  shortlist  of  candidates  who  have  already been interviewed with your business in mind.
  • Our research team  will  provide  you  with  a  bespoke  headhunting  and  market-mapping service.  Tell us your specific requirements,  and our team can research the market and find the best candidates for you. Click on one of the links below to engage with our Research Team.

Click the link below to engage with our Research Team Leader or Line Manager to discuss ways how we can support your talent search. We will contact you back to your earliest convenience. 


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