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We offer award-winning recruitment services since 2001

Our success has come from the way we seamlessly fuse traditional recruitment methods with  a  twist  of  digital marketing  and  a  sprinkle  of  social media magic to help companies in the world domination and candidates to reach for stars!

Customer  Value  Proposition  is  the  main  artery  of  our business,  and without  it  our  recruitment  heart would have stop beating many years ago. We make  sure  our client  offering is  well  above-market  at  all times,  and we  believe  that  our  level of service clearly differentiates  us in  the  recruitment marketplace. We test our confidence with a yearly survey of Client Services.  Our Value Proposition package consists of:


It would be naive to believe that our customers don’t know WHAT they should be doing on LinkedIn. However, we have noticed that at times they don’t know HOW. To solve this we set up in-house workshops to assist with:

  • How to promote corporate/employer branding
  • How to improve your own direct hires
  • How to increase the chances of candidates approaching you and building talent pipelines
  • How to build relevant business development lists


Thanks to  our  methodology  and  years  of  experience  along with  the  support  of  Psychometric Analysis you can rest assured that you’ll be recruiting the candidate with the right soft skills as well as the right hard skills.

The main reason our clients give for hires that don’t work out is personality or culture fit. To address this, People Place can submit a Psychometric Report (fully approved  by  the  American  Psychological  Society)  alongside the CV  of  each  candidate  on your shortlist to give you a better chance of hiring the best candidate for your business, rather than the theoretical best candidate on paper.  Our  objective  is  to  work  with  you  to  understand  the  cultural  fit  and  soft  skills  that  your business  needs, and  to build  a  plan  of  action  for finding  the  talent  that  meets  those needs.


Our  active  network  and in-house  methodology  sourcing  strategies  enable us  to access candidates other agencies can’t. That way you get the best candidates in the market and not just on the market. Our  diverse networks  will  allow  us  to  email  your  vacancy  to  a  database  of  passive candidates who aren’t visiting job boards.


Often  our  new  clients  reach  out to  us  because they are spending too  much  time  on recruitment and too little time doing what they do best: looking after their business.

We’ll spend enough time with you to understand your  business  without  disrupting  your  daily  operations. This allows us  to  assist in building a  talent  pipeline of ideal candidates.

We then proceed to interview these candidates (even if at times you do not require them). This will give us an incredible advantage over your competitors, as we will conduct your brand presentation  and  embed  your  brand in  potential candidates’ minds.  By  the  time  you  start recruiting,  we  will  have  a  pool  of talent  to  go to,  without  the  traffic jam  of  the  entire  sourcing and interviewing process. Most organizations have difficulty filling niche vacancies. You could simply let us  know  what vacancies  normally  occur  and  we  will  make  sure  that our  research  and sourcing team is mapping out the marketplace for you well in advance.


We  want  to help you bring your  Employer  Brand  to  the  top  of  the market  and  bring your  candidate  recruitment  experience  to  unrivalled  levels.  We’re confident that we can impact this in several key ways:

  • Using a dedicated  PR  consultant  to  secure  a  number of  write-ups  in  relevant industry    We’ll work  together  with  you to  facilitate access  to  free  industry  press exposure.
  • Our account team  and  manager  will  take  all  necessary  steps  to  truly  understand  your business, so we can represent you in the most effective way with each candidate. We then design and create candidate information packs about you so that each candidate  who would  be  a  good fit  is  given  a  full  and comprehensive overview of your company and its vision, values and culture.


The Recruitment Hub was born to bring together the recruitment community in the Czech Republic in order to:

  • Engage with subject matter experts
  • Share mutual resources and experiences
  • Debate relevant trends and topics
  • Build credible networks of HR, Resourcing and Development Leaders


90% of  our  team’s  salary is  directly  correlated with  their monthly  billings. Their  billings are directly correlated with how successful they are at finding the very best candidates for our clients. So  each  and  every  People  Place  Consultant  will always go  well  beyond  the extra mile and back again, to fill does vacancies for you all the time. They are rewarded both professionally by doing what they love and financially in a very generous way. We  work  like  a  perfectly  synchronized  clock: when  one person succeeds,  we  all succeed. We  share an open work space  where information is always accessible on the spot, minimizing response time to make every action count.


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