AI Brings chaos to the jobs advertising market.

Hundreds of job applications in less than 48 hours? Is the candidate market gone bananas?

AI Is here to stay and what we do with can work for us or against us. 

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By Emmanuel Perez, a.k.a the Talent Surgeon.

The Talent Surgeon is a contributor ghostwriter for People Place, among other well-known HR digital magazines. The Talent Surgeon gets diagnostics directly related to our day-to-day lives and he surely delivers the right antidote right in time over and over.


Have you found yourself lately looking to apply for a promising job opportunity in LinkedIn, only to be met with the disheartening fact that several hundreds of other applicants had the same idea within a mere 48 hours? It gets you thinking is the candidate job market gone “crazy bananas’?  Yes, it is true that the job market can be fiercely competitive, but come on! is almost irrational a drastic change from one year to another, right? Ever noticed how AI has stealthily tiptoed into our living rooms, got hold of our slippers, and made itself quite at home, before we knew it will take over our jobs in the near future, but the worrying thing is that it has started by pushing us to road hard shoulder when it comes to apply for jobs and the fact is right there in front of us. The question I am asking myself is:  Are HR departments able to cope with AI applying for jobs?




Navigating the Future: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Job Search

In the ever-evolving landscape of job search and recruitment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the way professionals connect with opportunities. Platforms like LinkedIn, once primarily a hub for professional networking, have witnessed a seismic shift with AI infiltrating over 90% of job advertisements. This technological wave is not just a trend but a paradigm shift, promising efficiency, personalization, and a new frontier in the job-seeking journey, but does it really deliver all of the above?

What AI does to you when used without a prescription

While the convenience of letting AI take the reins in job applications might seem tempting, there are pitfalls already happening and HR departments and unaware candidates are paying the consequences.  Allowing AI to apply for positions on your behalf, sans your direct oversight, could lead to misalignments between skills and the job requirements. It risks applying for roles that may not be an ideal fit or, conversely, missing out on opportunities that genuinely suit the candidate’s expertise and aspirations. The lack of personal touch and nuanced understanding of the application process might also result in generic submissions, potentially diluting the unique qualities of a candidate. Moreover, the impersonal nature of AI-driven applications might hinder the ability to tailor the approach, potentially limiting chances of standing out in a competitive job market. Balancing the efficiency of AI with thoughtful, personalized application strategies remains crucial for a successful job search.

What AI does to HR departments in the short and long-term


Short term

The influx of applications generated by AI can have both short and long-term consequences for HR professionals and departments. In the short term, the sudden surge in volume poses immediate challenges, overwhelming HR teams tasked with sifting through a sea of resumes. The risk of oversight increases, potentially leading to the unintentional dismissal of qualified candidates. In the long term, this scenario may strain the overall effectiveness of the recruitment process, impacting the quality of hires and potentially creating a backlog that hinders timely decision-making, and generates the need to implement AI for candidate evaluation. Is is not ironic? AI applications versus AI application evaluation… Are you thinking what I am thinking? Who wins here?

I leave it there to generate a conversation topic for you all at the office, far very far away from the PC stations, after all you never know if “someone” or “something” is eavesdropping…

Long term

Over the long term, the sustained reception of unexpected volumes of AI-generated applications poses intricate challenges for HR professionals and departments, particularly in their reporting to senior management. The sheer quantity of applications may lead to skewed metrics that do not necessarily correlate with the quality of candidates. Accurate reporting becomes a complex task, potentially misrepresenting the true impact of candidate market, matching pool, and at times even the Talent Acquisition Consultant’s effectiveness at evaluating candidates. Moreover, the time and resources required to manage this influx could divert attention away from strategic initiatives. Communicating the nuances of candidate quality amidst a high volume of applications becomes crucial but extremely difficult to prove for HR professionals who strive to provide senior management with meaningful insights rather than sheer quantity, fostering a more accurate assessment of the long-term impact on the organization’s talent acquisition strategy.

The Gatekeepers of AI for Talent Acquisition

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