How to secure Top Talent

We thrive on raising the recruitment bar standards. Thinking outside the box when it comes to achieving it is something we enjoy.

And delivering hard to find talents in shorter time “IN” and “ON” the market is just part of it.

With the job market as it stands, the most competitive over a decade, most likely you can not do everything on your own and need to look at alternative solutions.

Our intention will be to wider your talent possibility spectrum at short, middle and long term range, by sending you three separate shortlists for each vacancy as follows:

  1. Profiles who will match your exact requirements and preferred salary band. (Short term hiring strategy)
  2. Profiles who could be more junior than you ideally would want, but who will have an above standard CPI score (capacity for processing information) and will be both quick learners and keen to progress and develop internally (long term hiring strategy)
  3. Profiles who could perhaps have more experience than you will require, at times perhaps slightly over the salary band indicated but who would be able to secure the business for you with all guarantees. (middle and long term hiring strategy)

This will provide you a valuable insight of what the candidate talent market has to offer at different salary levels, and should you wish so, perhaps even hire top talent for short, middle and long term that you would not have considered otherwise.

Like many of our services, this is part of our Client Value Proposition and you can take advantage of this at no extra cost. You only pay when you hire and you get our comprehensive standard warranty package as always with us.

To find out more or discuss further ways how we can support you on Securing Top Talent, or even register a vacancy with us to get things rolling fast, click the link below. Alternatively if you are not hiring right now but you are planning ahead, you can sign up to create a Star Candidate Alert by clicking the link below. Either way we will get in touch with you faster that you expect.


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