5 ways to really win the hearts of
your Agency Recruiters

At this age, more and more employers are facing a massive shortage of qualified candidates. More often than not, there is an excess of demand over supply of jobs in Prague. As a result of this, it has become incredibly crucial for employers, be it from small or large companies, to engage the services of good agency recruiters, to not only assist them in sourcing for skilled and qualified candidates, but to ensure there is a constant supply of suitable ones that meet the needs and requirements of their companies.

While most employers would take the common way of reaching out to the agency recruiters, engaging their services and letting things go with the flow, employers stand to gain a whole lot more if they chosen the right agency and not just a CV forwarder. Selection the right agency and have a strong relationship with agency recruiters makes all your recruitment headaches go away. And by doing so, employers do establish a better understanding and working relationship with the agency recruiters, which without a doubt will lead to astonishing results well beyond the quality expected from the particular agency recruiter they have chosen.

If you are an employer or happens to be involved with the recruitment process of your company probably the day does not have enough hours for you, so you will probably appreciate if cut to the chase and reveal those little secrets that will make you the “apple of your recruiters eye” and:


As the employer, you would know to the T what you will require from your dream profile. So why not give it your best shot to attract that profile with your job description?  Believe it or not, more often than not companies provide poorly written job descriptions, making it difficult for agency recruiters to promote their company to does very hard to find talents for the job openings not only in central Europe but jobs in Prague.

Whenever possible, we encourage employers to provide access to their Hiring Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors who are actively involved in the hiring process. By providing specific information to agency recruiters about the hiring individual criteria of the relevant Line Managers, type of specific personality of the ideal candidate, and most common reasons why previous team members have left the position, and of course the real reasons of the outcome of the interviews, it can significantly improve the quality of the next candidate, reducing like this time to hire.


Each agency recruiter, who is specialized in providing careers in Prague or anywhere else for that matter, would have their own recruitment methods, which typically involve sourcing, assessing, selecting and communicating with potential candidates. While it is recommended for employers to enquire and understand the processes involved, it is best to not intervene in the form of contacting the candidates directly.

One of the many advantages of leaving the entire recruitment process to reputable agency recruiters is it allows them to effectively represent your company as the “employer of choice” and provide a real insight about your business to potential candidates. Another advantage is agency recruiters would have developed a strong relationship with their candidates and by so been able to discuss matters with them in a more relaxed tone which at times includes candidate consulting with regards employment topics such : marketplace offers, best employers, working environments and others. This will help you to save your time and avoid you having to do unnecessary or redundant recruitment steps prior or post interviews.


There is no doubt that sourcing for good candidates is the bread and butter of every agency recruiter. Most, though not all unfortunately, are experts in this field and they are well-aware of the market changes, needs and demands, according to each industry.  By working together, employers and agency recruiters can have a competitive edge over other employers who are working on their own to look for the same candidates to work in Prague.


In order to find the best match, it is crucial for employers to provide sufficient feedback and suggestions after looking through the resumes or ending the interview process. The feedback and suggestions will allow agency recruiters to refine their search process and deliver better candidates, as well as inform the rejected candidates of the reasons why they were rejected and how they can improve themselves for other job openings.

In a way, the candidates, although rejected, will still have a good impression of your company and they may even go to the extent of promoting your company, your brand, services or products to their family and friends.


Unlike the usual job interviews whereby there is the employer interviewing the candidate in the room, employers can arrange for the interview process to include engagement activities such as touring the facilities and meeting with potential coworkers. Candidates are often concerned about the new working environment, particularly the work culture, benefits and the general work experience, thus this extra effort would certainly help agency recruiters greatly in selling your company to potential candidates.

Now that we have pretty much covered does little secrets, why don’t you start implementing them today by giving a call to your agency recruiter and bringing up the topic on that vacant position you need to be filled? Give it a go ahead and let us know how this works for you, if you still feel you do not get all the money worth from your recruiter. Reach out to us and experience how should be done!



This post was written by Jeroen BuyssensSenior Executive – EMEA Recruitment Strategies

 Jeroen joined the Group in 2016, and has been successfully working together with our clients in EMEA Recruitment Strategies at various levels. Jeroen is responsible for business operations within Central Europe and Western Europe. Working closely with managers at all levels in our clients’ portfolio to ensure the talent delivery and retention among many other aspects of client satisfaction are always at highest standards. To follow Jeroen’s blogging articles you can subscribe by clicking the box on your right or register with us. Connect with Jeroen on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn

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