We have mentioned several times across our website that we are proud to do things in a different way,  the People Place way.  And maintaining our client’s identity confidential is one of them. Yes, we are committing a cardinal sin against building business and social credibility 101 for ourselves, and we accept the risk of losing that immense boost that displaying clients corporate brand logos in your website does when attracting new clients.

Nevertheless we feel is important to share with potential new clients and candidates as well, the main reasons why the name of our clients are not disclosed across our advertising or even right at the start of the selection process for candidates.

  1. Competitors:  The sensitive nature of some searches is the first reason to use recruitment agencies. Companies might not wish to reveal to their competitors that they have a weak spot in their leadership chain and are on the hunt for new talent. Or in the process of launching a new product, which will necessitate additional employees to be found quietly until the company is ready to announce the new product.
  2. Client Employee Relationships: Companies hire recruiters because they may wish to fire an employee and must keep this sensitive matter secret until a replacement has been found and firing process can be swift, and less painful for all.  Or it could also be that the client does not think anyone internally is qualified and does not want to upset the internal employees until the new person is on-boarded
  3. Succession Planning: Companies hire recruiters to provide them with lists of possible replacements for employees who might be pushed out in certain period of time. It is imperative that the replacement the company is contemplating be kept strictly confidential
  4. Candidate Control: Human resources department are often the first to be decimated in a downturn and often HR simply does not have the manpower to go through the huge number of CVs that come in to their company web site. Therefore they ask recruiters to handle the search for them and provide them with the best three or four candidates that can be quickly interviewed. The recruiter is responsible for filtering NOT matching profiles. When the company name has been disclosed the person could conceivably go directly to the client and try to secure his place by applying directly to the client. This would made the hiring of recruiters pointless and they client would not be happy to have this backward applications coming through since they hired the recruiter in the first place to handle the search for them.
  5. Window Shoppers: There are some people who have no interest in a new position and all they are is just curious and want to know what companies are looking. They will even try to find out what the compensation is for the position so they can do a comparison with their own and even take this information to their boss and demand a counteroffer otherwise they will consider moving to the other company.
  6. Modern Communication: In today’s world of email, twitter and Facebook recruiters can easily lose control if the identity of a client is forwarded along the wild wild web. Recruiters we prefer to be the ones who reveal the client at own pace. Simply because if the information goes viral there is no way to control this. And we start to get too many inquires about the position from people we would not have originally contacted. As these people are in no way qualified and it takes our valuable time for the client to go through all the applications.
  7. CV Blasters: The last one of the top bunch is that quite often a (less reputable) recruiter will hear about a client’s open role, and will gather resume’s to bundle up and (hopefully) get a slice for himself as a free lance. In this case the client will usually be carpet bombed with a load of redacted resumes as backward applications coming through and having to communicate with someone they do not know to resolve the issue.

We could probably cover a much longer list of reasons why for us the choice is quiet simple, our clients confidentiality first above all!

To hear about our success track record since 2001, and let our clients speak for ourselves please contact us by filling the brief form below. We will get in touch with you to your earliest convenience.


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