Top 3 hiring challenges
most recruiters face in secret.

Hot potatoes of the recruitment reality

Hot potatoes of the recruitment reality. 

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By Emmanuel Perez, a.k.a the Talent Surgeon.

The Talent Surgeon is a contributor ghostwriter for People Place, among other well-known HR digital magazines. The Talent Surgeon gets diagnostics directly related to our day-to-day lives and he surely delivers the right antidote right in time over and over.




As the compulsory return-to-office policy looms on the horizon, companies might inadvertently trigger a talent exodus resembling a scene from an office-based blockbuster. The prospect of bidding farewell to comfy home offices is prompting a “great resignation wave,” with employees eyeing the exit door in search of higher-paid gigs, possibly with the allure of more flexible working arrangements. It’s becoming a job-hopping festival out there, and if companies aren’t careful, they might find themselves in a bidding war for the best talent, akin to an eBay auction for top-notch professionals. Spare a thought for the beleaguered Recruiters who, on top of their already Herculean tasks, must now juggle this talent circus while dodging the incoming wave of resignation letters. It’s a jungle out there, and the office return might just be the catalyst for the most epic HR adventure yet! 🌐🕴️💼

Besides all of the above, Recruiters \ Talent Acquisition professionals normally face, 3 key challenges in most organizations, in the very best cases at least 1 of the 3 we’re covering next.

Poor EVP or the lack of it.

Welcome to the land of lackluster EVP, where companies seem to believe that a section in their website with several smiling photos and a couple of employee stories or a motivational quote on the breakroom wall is equivalent to a compelling Employee Value Proposition. It’s a world where the importance of EVP is as overlooked as the potted plant in the corner of the coffee area that hasn’t seen sunlight in nearly a year.

Recruiters \ Talent Acquisition professionals find themselves wading through the murky waters of job postings that sound more like grocery lists than enticing career opportunities. “Competitive salary and free cafeteria” might not cut it when the competition is offering remote-first work, nursery service floor, monthly supply of artisanal doughnuts, or even pet-friendly casual Fridays. The struggle is real, my HR compatriots! in this sea of lackluster EVPs, it lies your opportunity to don the cape of creativity and transform mundane job descriptions into compelling narratives written in an engaging and personalized way highlighting not just what the company wants but how you can make a difference and turn that dimly lit office into a beacon of irresistible EVP with every higher, where talents flock, and the doughnuts are aplenty! 🌟🍩💼

Managers, the good, the bad, and… the odd.

Ah, the magical world of hiring managers, where some seem to have perfected the ancient art of hunting for reasons not to hire candidates. It’s as if they’ve attended a masterclass in “Finding Flaws 101,” turning interviews into a quest to uncover the candidate’s hidden imperfections. On the flip side, there are those managers who’ve stumbled upon the mystical realm of strange and irrelevant questions, as if they believe the key to a candidate’s competence lies in their favorite ice cream flavor, preferred superhero, or how many many meters of cable are in a 747 airplane…

Meanwhile, the perpetually indecisive managers, bless their hearts, have an uncanny ability to like everyone and find it as challenging as picking a favorite Netflix show when the pizza has just arrived. The struggles for Recruiters \ Talent Acquisition professionals are real. How does one navigate the hiring manager’s circus? Fear not, dear HR wizards, for at the pre-screening stage lies the power to weed out the oddball questions, deflect the flaw-finding mission, and gently guide the free-of-sin candidates in a path of clarity. It’s a delicate dance, but with the right screening tools and a sprinkle of HR magic, we can transform the hiring process from a three-ring circus into a well-orchestrated symphony of talent acquisition. 🎭🤹‍♀️✨

Lack of communication, competitive remuneration, and pay transparency. 

We are now, in the land of dungeons and dragons! welcome to the kingdom of miscommunication, where managers in the same department seem to operate on a “need-to-know” basis, and the phrase “transparent remuneration” sounds like something out of a mythical fantasy novel. It’s a world where salary information is more guarded than the secret ingredient in grandma’s famous cookie recipe. And pay equity? Well, that’s a concept as elusive as the unicorn in the organization, the one everyone talks about but nobody has actually seen jet.

And how about Hiring Managers, scattered across different countries, playing a wild guessing game with the talent market bands. One expects candidates to accept a salary that’s practically an IOU note, while another, blissfully unaware of the salary market, assumes everyone works for a bag of magic beans. Do not despair, my silver knights of Recruiters \Talent Acquisition pro’s! In this labyrinth of salary secrecy, the torch of transparency is your greatest weapon. Illuminate the path by fostering open communication channels, and championing pay equity by providing data-backed insights on competitive compensation. Let’s turn this realm of remuneration confusion into a well-lit kingdom where everyone knows the worth of magic beans. 💸🏰✨


Ah, the grand carnival of organizational quirks! From managers engaging in a spirited game of hide-and-seek with information to the salary secrecy dance, it’s a spectacle worthy of a HR comedy special. But let’s not forget our resilient HR \ Talent Acquisition Teams, the unsung heroes navigating this whimsical maze of hiring hurdles. It’s like leading a parade where some floats are playing jazz, others are in a rock concert, and a few are stuck in elevator music mode.

Amidst this symphony of chaos, there is hope my dear HR maestros! We bring a symphony of our own – extremely fast, effective, and downright competitive recruitment and talent acquisition services to summon the perfect talent for your organization recruitment needs, we will overcome all the above-mentioned hurdles with a smile on our face,  provide free of charge data and consulting service to assist Hiring Managers to get up to scratch with talent market insights, deliver talent in time despite existing disadvantages and everything on “no-win no-fee basis” Doesn’t it sound like magic?… Let’s turn a circus into a spectacular talent extravaganza, where the only juggling act is done by the performers, not the hiring process! 🎪

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