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Your CV is the first and most important tool to ensure that you get the interview you are aiming for. It’s crucial for your personal brand and must sell you in an attractive and professional manner.

Your CV is your opportunity to show your future employers that you are the best candidate for the job. In today’s job market, standing out from the crowd is essential. This is true whether you are just starting out, embarking on a new phase of your career, or changing industries. It’s paramount that your CV meets today’s standards. Take the time to put together a CV that showcases your achievements and experience, and be sure you can talk through these with confidence in an interview. We survey our clients every year to get their feedback on what they believe are the most important aspects of a candidate’s CV. Here’s what they’ve told us recently:


Section 1 – Personal details. Concision is key. You need your name, along with all of your contact details and LinkedIn URL, if you want to include that. If you do, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, as this is essential when you promote “Brand You.”

Section 2 – Education. It’s highly recommended that you start with your most recent education. Then work your way to your earliest educational achievements. It would be worthwhile to consider stipulating if you intend to continue gaining further qualifications.

Section 3 – Experience. Be sure to include a business description with all the businesses you have worked for, noting their size, along with the company website. In addition to this:

  • Separate different jobs within the same employer, as this will show progression, which is evidence that you were rated highly

You should construct your jobs or employment experience along these lines:

  • Bullet points for main responsibilities
  • Bullet points for your AD-HOC Project Work (i.e., the non day-to-day tasks)
  • Bullet points for KEY ACHIEVEMENTS – Experience that has been unique to you, and where you’ve had a positive impact within the team and the business
  • We strongly recommend that you write your experience section in bullet points and NOT in paragraph form, because it’s your responsibility to make your CV reader-friendly and easy on the eye.

Section 4 – Additional Info. In this section it’s crucial to list your computer skills, the specific programs you’ve used and your ability on each. It’s also paramount to add any courses you have attended or formal trainings that you’ve been involved in.

Section 5 – Interests. Adding your interests is an act of goodwill because it allows your potential employer to see your personal side, and very often it acts as an ice breaker. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Some additional thoughts: It’s a good idea to tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for in order to better explain your relevant experience and skills. It’s key to keep it real if you want success during the potential interview process. Highlighting the right aspects of your experience and skills will ensure the reader doesn’t miss anything important.

Presentation: Design your CV to look professional, because you will be judged by it. It must create a fantastic first impression.

Length: Three or fewer A4 pages should be perfectly sufficient to say everything you need.

Facts: Only include information in your CV that can be factually verified. Expressions such as “a good team player” or “enthusiastic and outgoing” are best left out, and can be better conveyed in an interview. Use number-based facts if you can, such as “I have improved efficiency by 25%” or “I have increased sales ten-fold.” To find out more about our top CV techniques, please contact your relevant consultant.

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